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URL forwarding and subdomain registration are presented by  PAS

Frequently Asked Questions

What do i need to signup?

Firstly you must already have a website which should look something like this:

You will also need to have a valid e-mail address, without which you will not be able to receive your activation email. That's it! Just sign up for our service with your current website information and e-mail address and you are ready to go.

Why can't i login after signing up?

To prevent misuse of our services, all new accounts created with us, may need to be hand-checked and activated by us. All account are also subject to ongoing checks of continuity.

What does redirection do? redirection is a free internet address redirection service which allows you to redirect an easy to remember domain name (e.g. to your current web site, no matter where it's hosted.

With this service, you can give out a short and consistent internet address no matter how many times you move from different hosting services. Whenever you switch from one hosting service to another, simply log in and update your account. Any visits to your address will be redirected to the new address.

I have forgotten my password, what can i do?

To recover your password Click here and it will be sent to the email address you used to signup.

Can I access my new domain with or without the www.?

Yes. You can access the domains with or without the www.

Is this service really free?

Yes it is. It's 100% FREE of charge. redirection service is offered by Prosperity Automated System (PAS).

We suggest you to use TBTOYL in order to make massive profits with your domains. You can promote your affiliate programs too.

What is Cloaked Redirection?

Cloaked Redirection means that your visitor will only see your new domain, even when browsing your site. Your domain will come with cloaked redirection as standard.

Can i signup for more than one account?

Yes you can. You can sign up for more domains for your websites.
(do not abuse of the service, for example 70 domains per 1 single website)

How long will my domain last?

You can keep your domain for life. We retain the right to terminate your domain under certain circumstances, such as for misuse or extended lack of use. Please read our Terms and conditions for more details.

Can I submit my new domain to search engines?

Yes. In order for search engines to recognise your site you will need to fill in the 'About your site' section fully at the signup page or login later to change these details. The relevant parts are: Title, Description, Keywords, Category, Revisit and Robots.

Please Read our Terms Of Service.






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