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PAS is the automated business solution to make money

Do you know how to automate your online business? Write your ideas on paper; bad and good ones. Don't get an idea and take the risk of forgetting it; it's very important. It could be your future income or success.

Be sure to design your ad copy to target your visitors goals, dreams and desires. Allow your product to attract their emotional and physical needs.

Have visitors sign-up to receive free promotional merchandise. It can be hats, bumper stickers, cups, or anything with your web site print on it.

Create a small treasure hunt. Allow people to get a discount on a product you sell if they find a certain graphic somewhere on your site.

Why not to convert your business into an automated business solution?

PAS is a passive system (automated) to make profits WITHOUT selling, adverting, prospecting, or answering questions. Click here to take a free tour.

...Other tips to grow your business..

You can increase your traffic by creating other web sites that relate to the latest new fad. You just advertise your main web site on your fad web sites. It's a nice technique.

You can interview famous people that your visitors want to know more about. Publish the interview in article or audio format (very good!) on your web site. People love to see interviews.

Tell people the purpose of your web site. When they visit a web site and have to figure out what it's about, they may get frustrated and leave soon. Probably, this is the best tip that I suggest you to use.

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